While on the set of his “Smokin, Drinkin” video, Danny Brown talked about his projects with Bruiser Brigade and his issues with French Montana.

Brown’s beef with French Montana began when the New York rapper talked about lyrical rappers not gaining success over non-lyrical rappers, during his interview with Angie Martinez

Brown addressed Montana’s statement on Twitter last week.

“@40sOnly: @xdannyxbrownx net worth 2.3 million and he’s just getting started”<-and french montana said lyrical rappers were broke lol” he tweeted.

The rapper broke down his issue with Montana’s views, and explained that lyrical rappers should be able to prosper with the vast amount of diversity that exists in hip hop today.

“Nah, the point of it is, I guess, the whole thing [in relation] to the French Montana thing, my whole point of it is, is that I wouldn’t want to promote that to the kids,” he said. “Because what does that leave for the future of rap music as a genre if you tell them that you don’t have to be good, you don’t have to be a great rapper to make money out of this. I think that’s just the total wrong way to look at it. It’s just my opinion on it. I could be wrong. But for the most part – I would want to promote at best you have to be really good, you have to be really talented and step your foot into this ring of rap music. It should be that competitive. We have Kendrick Lamar. We have Danny Brown. You know what I’m saying? Nah, you gotta know how to rap.”

Source: Complex


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